Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am guilty. A Christmas Cookie Confessional.

I am guilty. Guilty of eating too many Christmas cookies at the beginning of December.

I feel as though I am blown up like a balloon. My body is all freaked out on a sugar high, and salads.... just are not attractive. Who wants to eat a salad when it's cold out? Not this girl. But yesterday, out of sheer guilt, I forced myself to eat one at lunch. It was unsatisfying, so, I came home... and scarfed down more cookies.

I would try to blame Jill, my awesome roommate, who made a shit ton of cookies with her mom last weekend, and brought them home to share with us. They are Anise flavored bon bons in christmas colors. They are... in a word... addicting.

Sure, there were two plates of these cookies on our counter on Monday... and now there is only half of one left. I could say... just the fact that they were staring me in the face every time i went in the kitchen was the real issue. But, I would be lying.

I do have willpower. I could have said no to those delicious round delectables. I could have just had one cookie instead of five in a sitting... but no! No, dear reader, I had five or six each time! With tea. Or with coffee, for breakfast. All damn week, I have been eating cookies for breakfast!

Need I remind you that we are only in the second week of December, and that I will only be tempted with more and more cookies in the coming days?! The frequency of which, will just escalate as we get closer and closer to the second most sugar loaded holiday of the year?

Maybe, I have learned a valuable lesson today, by having this stomach ache. This pain in my belly implores me to type this blog entry. Perhaps, I will stop having cookies for breakfast, and snacks, and dinner (at least lunch has remained untainted by this obsession!).

To be continued...

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